The European Commission has approved the French #NextGenerationEU recovery plan

What is #NextGenerationEU ?
This temporary instrument for the relance of 750 billions euros, aims to help repair the economic and social damages caused by the COVID-19.

What avantages for France ?

The European plan supports the France plan. With 40 billions euros, the #NextGenerationEU finances 40% of the French plan.

The French recevory plan has three mans priorities :

  • More green : The plan focuses on the renovation of buildings, the modernisation of railway networks and the development of carbon-free hydrogen use
  • More Digital : The plan will support the digital transition through investments in research,deployment of new digital technologies or deployment of online health services.
  • Fairer : Broadband in rural areas, modernisation of the health system, more jobs and trainings for young people. The French plan will strengthen the country’s social resilience.
  • For more informations of the European recovary plans :…
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